Understanding “Depth of Field”

Posted on 21st March 2018

Good old BBC is always a terrific reference for those wanting to learn about the media industry. Sam Bailey from the BBC College of Production gives some basic but powerful tips to understand what depth of field is and how it works.

¨Depth of field relates to how much of your image is in focus at a certain distance from the camera. A shallow depth of field means only a small distance between your camera and what you’re filming is in focus. This means the background and foreground will be out of focus and blurry. This is an effect that draws the viewer’s eye to the subject.¨



Bailey, S. BBC College of Production [online], Tips: depth of field
Available from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy/en/articles/art20130702112136255
[Accessed: 14.5.2012].

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