10 Specs omitted from the ZOOM H4n

Posted on 26th April 2012


  1. Great audio quality recording [Better than CD: up to 24bit/96kHz].
  2. Affordable price [around £230 / $300].
  3. Stereo pair Condenser mics.
  4. Phantom Power [+48v/+24V] for external mics supported.
  5. Works fine with batteries [around 5 continuous hours].


  1. Doesn’t allow you to check input levels or setting if the SD Card is not inserted into the slot [that is annoying].
  2. You can not mix the four channels independently [just in groups of two: front mics or input lines].
  3. Noisy if you handle it while recording because of the high level of sensitivity of the mics.
  4. You can not adjust input levels while recording.
  5. The velocity of the meters is quite slow.

There is a whole description here if you plan to buy a Zoom for your project.

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