Meet the team

Karina Perdomo

Karina makes sure the right things happen at the right time and is our resident social media expert.

Victor Castejon

Victor is our Producer Director who always sees the big picture.

Alexander Albret

Alex is our Assistant Producer, great at thinking on his feet on location.

James Hobden

James is our IT wizard, he makes sure our data is secure and our server is in tip-top condition.

Marina Uzcategui

Marina is brilliant at discreet filming and speedy editing.

Ivan Gonzalez

Ivan is video editor extraordinaire, always contributing creatively to edits.

Luis Ruibal

Luis is our motions graphics geek with an impressive set of After Effects skills.

Owen Billcliffe

Owen is a documentary event photographer with style.

Jo Breeze

Jo is our crowdfunding campaigns specialist with an incredible 100% funding record.

Matthew Hoare

Matthew not only has a good eye behind Sony cameras but he’s also an experienced motion graphics animator.

A little while ago we realised that our usual cinema experience had changed. While the rest of the audience follows the plot you’ll find us considering the camera angles, lighting and how we would have edited a scene.

We are professionals who take huge pride in our work and we get excited about finding new ways to captivate your target audience with effective video.

We are a very friendly bunch based in South West London, so we can easily travel anywhere in the world. There’s no need to worry about having our film crew over, we will help you forget the camera is even there.

We love meeting new people, so don’t be a stranger. We’re always ready for a chat about making films. Please do call us for advice, to find out how we can help you or just to say hello.