Video is a great way to really bring a business to life in the eye of consumers, potential investors and new recruits. It really is a versatile medium that can prove its worth, time and time again.

What kind of video is right for you?

Company Profile

Engage with your customers by showing first-hand the personality behind your brand.

Product Demo

We learn by watching. A product demo video is exactly that; a show-and-tell way of showing others the features of your product.

Vox Pops

Capturing the word on the street makes for a very powerful marketing research tool.


Video is a crucial aspect of any successful crowdfunding campaign.


Demonstrate authority in your field, build up your credibility and connect with your customers at a personal level.

Talking Heads

Talking heads are the basic component of corporate videos.

footage filmed by others

Based on how many hours of footage you have, we can prepare an accurate quote for standalone editing. We are normally able to reply within 72 hours with a proposal on what needs doing and any costs involved.

Live streaming

Live streaming expresses your brand’s voice in an entirely unique way and drastically increases your customer loyalty. The nature of live streaming means that you can create compelling content and promote it to your audience rapidly

A great live stream will leave your customers feeling like they learnt something new about your company. It also taps into our society’s fear of missing out. If you consistently post compelling live streams, you’ll see your engagement and viewer numbers go up and up.

We work with children too

They say never work with children, but at The Quick Brown Fox, we’re experts at it. Children are naturally curious and engaging, which helps the audience connect with your brand.

We provide a filming environment where children feel comfortable. We are fully insured and hold up-to-date DBS checks.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have a host of happy clients and children, including Artis Education and Scholastic UK.