7 tips to film with your mobile

Posted on 16th March 2017

Mobile phones are everywhere and they’re becoming more and more powerful by the day.

Now, just because you have a powerful camera it doesn’t mean every video you make will be top notch.

That shiny new iPhone 7, ok scratch that… that battered, smashed screen iPhone 5 will only get you great quality if you use the right technique and the correct tools to edit.

Practice makes perfect, read on for a roundup of 7 key points to consider when shooting video with your mobile:

1 Get ready to shoot: not only will you need a script or at least a pretty good idea of what you want to say on camera but remember to check you have enough batteries and storage space on your phone.

Keep it steady: Make sure you hold your phone steadily and with both hands. If this is not practical maybe try resting it on a surface or consider buying a small tripod or stabiliser.

3 Vertical? Really?: It will be very obvious once we tell you why, but just picture your TV… right, think about the screen or your TV, is it vertical or horizontal? Aha… well, just never, ever, ever, ever, EVER shoot vertical video. Just don’t. You’ll end up with those awful black square to the sides! Instagram has been putting us through our paces with insta-stories only being available in vertical mode. It really puts us off.

4 Don’t stand too far away: Try to position the camera close-ish to your subject, about 1 meter should do the trick, and remember the camera is to one side of the phone ?

5 Sound is huge: This is a biggie. Spot on sound is crucial, so unless you’re planning to overlay a music track or voiceover on top of your video, try your best to keep environment noise to the minimum. Your phone’s built-in mic is not great, maybe consider investing in an external recording device or a directional microphone.

6 Lighting is Critical: If possible try to shoot in natural light, mornings are usually best. Avoid pointing the camera directly at the window though or you’ll end up with just silhouettes. Play around with the focus and exposure… which takes us to the next point…

7 Apps: The iPhone camera can be hugely improved by using third party apps. There are a few good free ones but consider investing in paid for apps as well for better results.