Quickly filming an event video

Posted on 14th March 2018

One of the main reasons people keep using their mobiles to film and edit videos is because deliverables can be turned around very quickly.

We filmed this short clip on an iPad Air 2015 and edited it on the same device. The key, as with all event filming, was NOT to over film. Our advice is to capture what’s important and not to feel bad if you cannot get absolutely all the nice bits of the event. A video is meant to highlight the moment and you definitely don’t want to spend hours and hours editing a short social media clip.

We filmed using the native iPad camera and edited the footage using a (since discontinued) app called CLIPS [apparently it was bought off by Google a couple of years ago and whilst the version we used for this no longer exists, there is now a native iOS app also called Clips with video filming & editing capabilities]. There are loads other options out there. One of the easiest to use is probably VidClips. Give it a try, it has themes, FXs and you can add text on top of your videos.

After filming a bit at each stall, I started editing straight away whilst on the way back to the office. The journey back was a 1-hour long tube ride and by the time I arrived at my destination, the movie was already uploading to Facebook. Nice and easy. The fresher the content the better the results and the more videos you can produce to boost your social channels.

We deliver workshops to teach you how to improve your filming skills so you too can become a social media videographer. Click here to find out more.

In the meantime, keep practising. Asking questions from day one is vital to discovering your strengths and working on any weaknesses.