Live Streaming: 7 Tips For Success

Posted on 21st October 2020

Big brands and small businesses alike are increasingly experimenting with live streaming. So if you are looking to embrace this trend, what can you do to increase your chances of success?

1- Choose the right live streaming platform

Probably the go-to platforms for most companies will be YouTube and Facebook Live. On occasion though, you may want to have more control over who will see your live stream or you may want to stream to multiple destinations. Third-party platforms limit how much you can control a transmission so if you must use them, make sure that any possible technical failures are covered. During a live event there really is no room for mistakes. To ensure you’ve made the right choice give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide you through options.

2- Add personality and collaborate

Live streaming opens a world of possibilities for user-generated content and collaboration between brands and influencers. Partner up with other business owners and research topics that would be of interest for potential clients.

3- Choose a great idea

Whilst there are no recipes for ‘going viral’, the key to attracting an engaged audience lies in providing content that is unique, fascinating and/or enlightening. Don’t worry about creator’s block, coming up with ideas for content gets easier with time. The more you interact with the audience the more familiar you will become with the topics that will resonate the most with them.

4- Preparation is key

Live streaming doesn’t require fully scripted content – in fact, in many cases that will even be undesirable – but brands shouldn’t expect to achieve success without some preparation to ensure events flow smoothly and keep viewers engaged. Without structure, the event can quickly become boring, or worse, reduce the likelihood a viewer will tune in again.

5- Set up properly

Start by checking there’s good internet connectivity at the venue and always select the right equipment. Leave nothing to chance. Get a tripod! Don’t rely on a single solitary person and a handheld device for your transmission. Even the smallest shake and noise coming from a person filming with a handheld device will damage the quality of the live stream.

6- Sound is crucial

If you’re streaming from a mobile device, make sure you place the device either close to the speaker or, even better, that you can pick up sound from the venue system. It may be the presenter is not using a microphone in which case your device should be as close to them as possible. You could invest in a directional microphone such as this one. This mic can be connected directly to your mobile and it is a great affordable option

7- Interact, interact, interact!

Respond to comments live (if possible). Social media platforms algorithms mean that comments have a short lifespan, so the sooner you get replying the better! If you can’t reply live do it straight after finishing the transmission. Interaction helps boost engagement with your audience and will keep them coming back for more.