Social media video strategy

Posted on 10th February 2021

When it comes to social media video strategy the first question our clients always ask is “How often should I upload videos to my social media platforms?”.

We tend to flip this question around and instead guide our clients through creating a strategy for filming and editing video content that will allow them to grow an online audience full of valuable, engaged followers.

Our two top tips: Consistency and Resourcefulness!

social media video strategy

• Be consistent: Whether you chose to share content weekly of monthly, try to stick to a regular interval for a few months so you can really start seeing results.

Take advantage of content scheduling tools, such as YouTube’s option to publish videos at a later date. Once you’ve created and uploaded your video, the visibility tab on YouTube allows publishing in the future. At the time of writing this, all the big social media platforms offer this option.

You could of course upload 150 videos in one go to your website or YouTube channel. I mean, technically speaking, it is possible. However, if your goal is building an online audience, consider using a scheduling tool to ensure content reaches your followers regularly. Whether that’s monthly or weekly, audiences and search engines both want the same thing from your website: fresh content. 

Note that we keep mentioning YouTube. Remember that it’s owned by Google and it has become the second-largest online search engine. Chances are this is where you want to be found!.

Video Production: The Ideal Content Strategy and Planning Schedule

We’ll say it right away, there is no magic ratio. 

There is, however, a clever way to ensure you never run out of fresh content to share, and that is to plan, create, publish, promote, and analyse every bit of content you put out there.

  • Establish your goals: What results exactly do you want to achieve? Let’s not get sidetracked by numbers or ‘going viral’ and instead think of reaching your target audience, communicating a clear message, and telling unique stories. Educating viewers.
  • Define your target audience: Remember that people want to watch exactly what appeals to them. Nothing else. So perhaps focus on creating sweet and short pieces that target a specific audience.
  • Brainstorm ideas: Branded content, talking heads, product demos, animated explainers, vlogs, training videos. There are endless opportunities to highlight the virtues of your brands, product or service.
  • Get creating: That’s the fun bit!

Social Media Video Strategy: It can be an easy process!

It does sound daunting but with a bit of organisation, there is no reason why you can’t put a few great pieces of content out there in very little time.

Two words: Batch production, like a production line in a factory. That’s right. The trick lies in allocating specific days for specific tasks:

  • Day 1: PLAN all the content you would like to create
  • Day 2: FILM all the videos
  • Day 3: EDIT

Just like we allocate a day to go through all the receipts, invoices, orders, business emails, we can designate one day to think about the content we want to put out there.

When filming videos, choose a specific day when you will be batch recording all the footage. Set time aside to get camera-ready, set up the kit (camera, lights and sound), props or sets, and always make sure you capture b-roll. Then, it’s time to get stuck in! Solo or with the help of our friendly team.

Our top tip: Remember to script your videos. This will help the editing process and will make it easier to write video descriptions and titles.

Finally, batch edit all your footage; yes, we can help with that too, but it is perfectly possible to fly solo too.

Here’s a super quick round up of our Top 5 favourite apps to edit videos on the go in 2021:

We can help tell your story with bulk video production

Whether it’s filming in batch or bulk editing big selections of footage, the answer is a streamlined process. This ensures you can keep track of the project every step of the way.

We work with you every step of the way to generate content that answers exactly to your input and follows through all marketing objectives set at the beginning.

Experience has given us the ability and technical resources to ensure that we can quickly carry out any changes or amendments required.

We understand that our clients often need unique solutions. Indeed, every marketing team’s needs are different. This is why we pride ourselves in being flexibility and in offering simple options that go a long way.

Definitely contact us for a content strategy chat and an estimate based on your precise requirements.